2176 CE

Batarian-funded pirates and criminals launch a surprise attack, later known as the Skyllian Blitz, on the human colony of Elysium. The assault is repulsed by the Alliance Navy and ground teams. The Jon Grissom Academy is commissioned over Elysium, and becomes home to the Alliance’s new biotic training program, the Ascension Project. The Anhur Rebellions, a civil war waged over the practice of slavery, begin on the human and batarian colony world of Anhur and spread throughout the Amun system. Abolitionism supporters hire the Eclipse mercenary group to fight the batarian pro-slavery Na’hesit faction.

2177 CE
A thresher maw on the attack

During a recon mission to find a missing colonial pioneer team on Akuze, a unit of fifty Alliance marines is wiped out by thresher maws.

2178 CE

In retaliation for the Skyllian Blitz, the Alliance launches a major offensive against the moon of Torfan and destroys the criminal bases there, mostly populated by batarians. The threat against human colonies from batarian extremists is curtailed. The Alliance tracks several pirate FTL exit vectors over a period of six months using covert monitoring devices planted on Theshaca’s moons, leading the Alliance Navy to eight major pirate anchorages. Since the “Theshaca Raids”, no ships from the Terminus Systems have entered the Hong system. The Anhur Rebellions end with the abolitionist forces in power, and the reconstruction of Anhur commences.

2182 CE

Admiral Kahoku of the Systems Alliance begins investigating suspected Cerberus activities.

2183 CE

Humans and turians collaborate on an engineering project co-sponsored by the Citadel Council: an experimental frigate with a prototype stealth system, the SSV Normandy. David Anderson is given command of the ship, and Commander Shepard is assigned as executive officer.

2183 CE: The Eden Prime War
The Battle of the Citadel

The human colony of Eden Prime is attacked by the geth, initiating a wider conflict between humans and geth known as the Eden Prime War. After exposing the involvement of rogue Spectre Saren Arterius in the attack, Commander Shepard and the crew of the SSV Normandy pursue Saren in his search for the Conduit, later revealed to be part of a larger plan orchestrated by the Reaper Sovereign to return its kind to the galaxy. While Shepard follows Saren through the legendary Mu Relay to the Conduit, Sovereign and a geth fleet assault the Citadel. Shepard defeats Saren and the Alliance Navy destroys Sovereign, preventing the release of the Reapers. The Citadel Council is saved by the orders given by Commander Shepard. One month after the Battle of the Citadel, the SSV Normandy is attacked and destroyed by an unidentified assailant, resulting in the death of Commander Shepard. Later, the Systems Alliance officially declares Shepard “killed in action”. L4 biotic implants are developed.

2184 CE

The Eden Prime War comes to a close. Although most geth forces in Citadel space were destroyed in the Battle of the Citadel, holdouts yet remain. The Alliance Navy reduces its patrols, relying instead on civilian ships to report any geth activity. Raids are carried out against identified geth outposts, but the conflict is essentially over. The raloi of the planet Turvess launch their first space telescope and discover the asari cruiser Avedes in their system. The asari make first contact with the raloi, who are formally welcomed into the galactic community the following year. The biological weapon EHE, or “exotic humanoid encephalopathy”, is used by the human terrorist organization Totenkopf in an attack on Gagarin Station. The Alliance cruiser SSV Manila is deployed to monitor the asteroid Israfil, the supposed origin of the miroorganisms used to produce EHE. The freighter MSV Estevanico is attacked by Blood Pack mercenaries and crashes into the planet Zanethu. The Alliance crew on board were among the first humans to encounter the vorcha race. L5 biotic implants are developed.

2185 CE


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